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Home Automation Device with Node MCU 8266

Table of Context

  • About The Project
  • Required Circuit Component
  • Connection Diagram
  • Conclusion

1. About The Project:

In this article, I show you how to make a Home Automation System using Node MCU ESP 8266 Module. You Can Control your Appliances with this device which is not smart. This Device helps you Make your Appliances Smarter and Control them with Google Mini.

I also provide you video for more extra information. So If you want more detail on how I make this awesome project which allows me to control all the home appliances automatically Then this device helps me a lot to control nonsmart gadgets and also I can control them through my Smart Speakers and My Phone Also.

Note: You Can Use 6v Relay.

2. Required Circuit Component:

3. Connection Diagram:

4. Conclusion:

Using this Home Automation Device you can control your non-smart devices like your normal fan, bulb ac, etc. through this device. Even you can do many more things with this device.

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